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Vibe Tech Solutions is India's leading Blockchain consulting firm. We are a young, dynamic and agile team of Blockchain professionals led by Mr. Sarthak Kumar. We identified the pathbreaking potential that blockchain offers early on, when the technology was still nascent. We wanted to be at the bleeding edge of the paradigm shift that blockchain was about to usher; and that's exactly what we did. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that enables a completely new generation of ultra-secure distributed applications in various domains. At a time when the understanding about this technology and its potential is limited at best, we're busy making sure that our clients gain a competitive advantage so substantial that they're firmly in the market leader's seat in the times to come. We are proud to have been a reliable partner for our clients in a variety of business verticals like finance and equity, education, real-estate, media etc.

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Our Domain Expertise using Blockchain

Expertise Innovation Reliability Focus Dependability Committment
Just some of the reasons our clients keep coming back to us!

Our Clients speak for us!

We believe that there's no bigger word than the word of the customer. Precisely the reason we let our clients speak for us!
Just some of the reasons why they trust us...

Gurleen Kaur Retail

Depite the fast paced nature of retail industry, working with Vibe was a breeze. The way the were able to understand the fine details and minute intricacies, it felt like it all came naturally to them. I concluded it was a result of their eye for the right details and asking the questions that matter. Finally, the solution that they gave us just works. No fuss, it just works!

P. Narayanswamy Travel

Travel today is an extremely competitive business with wafer thin margins. If you're doing the business as it always has been done, your days may be numbered. That's the harsh reality of the industry today. But it's not all doom and gloom. On a whole, the industry is growing at unprecedented pace but fewer and fewer companies are getting bigger and bigger share of the pie. What makes them different? One word... Innovation. We were lucky to find Vibe. Today, their solutions have firmly put us in the top league.

Eric P. Kuhl Education

It is said that when it comes to education, the most important variable is the educator. This adage has held true for centuries, until now. We're on a mission to bring the best of the edcation to the reach of the masses; because it's now possible; because it's the most certain way of bringing positive change to the world. When your goals are so lofty, you need the people who are at the very top of their game. We made our share of mistakes and changed multiple technology partners, all in vain. Until, of course, we found Vibe. We haven't looked back since.

Mahesh Sahay Banking

In banking, just like in defence, only a handful of companies qualify the stringent criteria set for suppliers. The stakes are very high and a whole different level of security is demanded. This stringent crieteria ensures that we look at filtered companies but at the same time, the competition at this level is extraordinary since only the very best make the cut. Vibe was, at first the odd one out. Agile, Nimble and Young in a sea of corporate behemoths. But at the end of the day, these very qualities became their very strengths and helped them help us. Probably one of the most satisfying associations we've ever had.

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